IT/OT-Suite is

IT/OT-Suite is a package of applications for digitalization.
The whole chain of getting informations is displayed to exploit, transport, merge and individually evaluate the informations at the end.
IT/OT-Suite makes it possible to consolidate operational informations, system wide and in real time.
With IT/OT-Suite you can visualize all of your operational data which are resulting from machines or facilities in the field near the physic or in other business units like sale, procurement, production and administration:
you will get informations, indications, and trends which have a great business relevance.
Reports and key figures can be provided extreme agile and repeatable.
IT/OT-Suite is the booster for your performance measurement.

IT/OT-Suite is

  • Business-Intelligence-Frontend (BI) for extensive analysis, reports, and Key figures
  • agile and interactive performance measurement
  • continuous benchmarking
  • tactical frontend for monitoring a drill down analysis of live data
  • individual processing, consolidation, merger, converting and logic display
  • data provision for Hadoop, Spark, Streaming etc.
  • spreaded or federated data communication, distribution in and of remote stations, relational, timeline- and big data databases
  • communication with every digital or analogue remote station with every possible protocol
  • computer based data processing

The whole package

Data collection

Collect data with SCADA-Proxy in the operative network on-site and forward them.


Transmit data with CareLan. Everywhere, save and reliable.


Get trough network borders save. Transmit selected data to defined processes and keep away risks.

Real-time visualisation

Visualize data in real time.

Drill down

Analyse, research and share visualised data with your colleagues.

Business intelligence

Analysis of the data with involvement of more company internal or external data sources. Live or from data warehouse.

Agile customisation

New visualisations, reports and analysis within minutes.

Operating concepts

operation in cloud, on premise, on site,… you name it.


Interactive reports, E-Mail reports and escalation. We carry the information to you like you want.

Continuous Improvement

OKIT supports you at getting better constantly. Our employees will support you with your projects and products. We are conveying software updates to you proactively.


OKIT administrates and monitor your applications if you want to. With this you got: no downtimes when you need the applications urgently and the whole available know how just when you need it.

Data Warehouse

Databases will get lightened by operate evaluations, analysis, benchmarks, and key figures in exclusive databases.
OKIT is supporting the development of your own Data Warehouse, big data installations or migration of or in the cloud.

ETL-Data integration

Transfer nearly every data from other business areas or external data into you own Data Warehouse.


OKIT integrates individual with basic tools.
Irrelevant if Microsoft data structure, Linux native or visualised.
Our field of expertise are visualised Linux environments in the OKIT datacenter or as On Premise Appliance.

Who we are

The OKIT GmbH as an Fraunhofer spin-off got its roots in the applied research. As a provider for plant manufacturer and mechanical engineers we lay on the possibilities of networking. We make present applications and products intelligent by connecting them with IKT-applications. Production processes getting more flexible, the value rises and innovation cycles getting speeded-up. OKIT rises the competitiveness of your company as a production company same as the facility which are using the “smart system”.

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